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1st CD Album by GathaGroup



The 1st Zoroastrian CD Album has released by GathaGroup™ and includes the Songs of Gatha, Motherland Anthem, Sport Anthem, Wedding and Sedreh Poushi Anthems in four languages: Gathic, Dari, Persian, English.




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Payable to: O'Shihan Cultural Organization

For: CD Album


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2092 Gordon Ave,  West Vancouver,  BC V7V-1V7  CANADA


Tel: +1(604)926-9891
Fax: +1(208)474-0293

Email: [email protected] [Email GathaGroup for any inquiry]


Toronto, Canada
Mr. Bahram Parsi
Tel: (905) 624 4252
email: [email protected]

Australia, New Zealand
Fariborz Jamshidi
Tel: (+612) 9683 2071
email: [email protected]

Washington DC, USA
Orang Demehry
Tel: (703) 255-0538
email: [email protected]

New York, Boston, USA
Farshid Bakhtiari
Tel: (617) 457 1347
email: [email protected]

Loss Angeles, USA
Mobed Bahram Shahzadi
California Zoroastrian Center
Tel: (714) 893 4737
Also Persian Shops in Westwood
San Jose, USA
Bijan Khosraviani
Tel: (408) 244 4602
email:[email protected]

Vancouver, Canada
Mr. Rostam Poulad
Tel: (604) 986 4086


1. Freedom (Yasna30.2) Feraydoon Demehri Saeed Shahram Persian/Gathic
2. Ahuraee Land, IRAN R. Khaleghi Saeed Shahram Dari/Persian
3. Sedreh Poushi Feraydoon Demehri Reza Honary Dari
4. Sport, Happiness Afrouz Demehri Saeed Shahram Persian
5. Habiro Feraydoon Demehri Maziar Khademi Dari
6. Freedom (English Version) Feraydoon Demehri Saeed Shahram Persian/English

- Freedom: in Persian with Gathic words of original Yasna 30.2


- Ahuraee Land, Iran: Motherland Sons, based on a Persian National Anthem with Dari portion from Zoroastrian Points about Iran.


- Sedreh Poushi: Nojote or Zoroastrian Initiation: Starts with "Mazdeh Yasnoo Ahmi... " and three times of Koshti sound for Shekast-e Ahriman Baad at the beginning of the song.


- Happiness, Sport: Zoroastrian Sport Anthem, this version in Persian, next version in four languages (English, Gujarati, Persian, Dari)


- Habiro: Zoroastrian Wedding Song in Dari. "Habiro, Habiro Aa....y Shaabaash" means "Go, Go.... be Happy" or "Go for Happiness".


- Freedom: Based on Yasna 30.2, in Persian with English Translation


All Songs sang by Gatha Group and Shahpoor Mehrabani has been the special guest for the Sedreh Poushi Song. All the Lyrics are made by Feraydoon Demehri, except the Persian parts of "Ahuraee Land, Iran" which is by Hossein Gol-e Golab.


Thanks to Homa and Bahar Mojgani for reading the Gathic and English parts in "Freedom" songs and also thanks to Dinyar Khosraviani, Paridokht Sorooshi and Rostam Kavoosi for their assistance in performance of "Habiro" song.

Songs #1,2,4,6 Arranged, Performed and Conducted by Saeed Shahram.

In his group: Sasan No-Azin played Tar, Reza Mazloomi Daf and Junko played Flute.

Song #3 Arranged, Performed and Conducted by Reza Honary. Hamin Honary played Daf and Tonbak, Hedayat Honary, Tar and Reza Honary played Kamancheh.

Song #5 Arranged, Performed and Conducted by Maziar Khademi

Songs #1,2,4,and 6 recorded in N.A.L Studio, North Vancouver

Song #3 recorded in Pejvak Studio, Burnaby, Vancouver

Song #5 recorded in Ramin Zamani Studio, Burnaby, Vancouver


Members of the Gatha Group:
Mahzad and Shahriar Khosraviani
Afrouz and Negar Demehri
Farhad Mehrhodavandi
Homa Sorooshi
Parvaneh Jamshidian
Manucher Dini
Feraydoon Demehri
and Shahpoor Mehrabani was Guest of Honor for Sedreh Poushi Song

Important Note:
In-spite of receiving donations from good and great people of our community, we are in debt for a much greater amount than what received form donors.

We are greatly relying on your financial assistance or legal purchase of these CD to be able to pay back the loan and possibly make another Album.

By copying the songs, you are indirectly discouraging us not to continue our works and stopping the efforts in advancement of Zoroastrian Culture.



* If you are interested to be a distributor in your area, please contact GathaGroup™.








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