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Ahunwar [Yatha Ahu]



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ýathâ ahű vairyô
athâ ratush ashâtcît hacâ
vanghęush dazdâ mananghô
shyaothananăm anghęush mazdâi
xshathremcâ ahurâi â
ýim drigubyô dadat vâstârem!!
The will of the Lord is the law of righteousness.
The gifts of Vohu-mano to the deeds done in this world for Mazda.
He who relieves the poor makes Ahura king.


This is the most sacred Manthra of Zoroastrianism.

The explanation of yathâ ahű vairyô: “as is the will of the Lord” (as is the will of Ohrmazd) “so (is) that of the ratus” (and so is that of the priest) “through whatever righteousness” [good deeds are to be done, so in priestly fashion to be done; just as Ohrmazd (wills), one must increase (them)]. “That which the gift of Vohuman too (is) within the action of Ohrmazd” (i.e. that reward and recompense which they give to Vohuman they thus give to him [i.e. Ohrmazd] also; there is one who says thus: “Vohuman gives himself”).

“Lordship is given to Ohrmazd by him” (and he makes Ohrmazd Lord and ruler over his body), “who gives good things to the poor” (and nurture, in that they provide assistance and intercession for them. There is one who says thus: “Lordship is from Ohrmazd”, i.e. the rulership is given him by Ohrmazd. There is one who says thus: “The Lordship of Ohrmazd is put into practice”.)









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