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Khordeh Avesta (Khorda Avesta) is a collection of short prayers and is still the main prayer-book among Zoroastrians. The contents of each Khordeh Avesta usually contains the basic Avestan prayers such as the "Yatha Ahu" and "Ashem Vohu", some of the Niyayeshes to Fire, Water, etc. and some of the Yashts to the various Yazatas.

Khordeh Avesta is organized as the following groups of texts:



   Frequently used short prayers:  
Ashem Vohu (invocation of Asha)

Ahunwar [Yatha Ahu] (most sacred manthra of Zoroastrianism)

Kem Na Mazda (exorcism)

Padyab-Kusti (ablution and formula for tying the kusti)

Baj (before and after meals)

Baj (when answering the call of nature)

Nirang-i Abezar

The Gah dedications

Srosh Baj

Hoshbam (prayer at dawn)

Doa Tan-Dorostri (blessing)



 Gahs (Prayers for each period of the day):


Hawan (sunrise to midday)

Rapithwin (midday to mid-afternoon)

Uzerin (mid-afternoon to sunset)
Aiwisruthrem (sunset to midnight)
Ushahin (midnight to dawn)


   Niyayeshes (Litanies):  

Khwarshed Niyayesh (Sun Litany)

Mihr Niyayesh (Litany to Mithra)
Vispa Humata

Nam Stayishn

Namaz-i Chahar Nemag (Praise to the four directions)
Mah Niyayesh (Moon Litany)
Aban Niyayesh (Litany to Water)
Atash Niyayesh (Litany to Fire)


   Yashts (Hymns to Ahura Mazda, the Archangels, and the Angels):  

Ohrmazd Yasht (Hymn to Ahura Mazda)

Haft Amahraspand Yasht (Hymn to the 7 Archangels)

Ardwahisht Yasht

Hordad Yasht

Ardui Sur Bano Yasht (Hymn to the Waters)

[Avestan | English]
Khwarshed Yasht (Hymn to the Sun) [Avestan | English]
Mah Yasht (Hymn to the Moon) [Avestan | English]
Tishtar Yasht (Hymn to the Star Sirius) [Avestan | English]
Drvasp Yasht [Avestan | English]
Mihr Yasht (Hymn to Mithra) [Avestan | English]
Srosh Yasht Hadokht [Avestan | English]
Srosh Yasht [Avestan | English]
Rashn Yasht [Avestan | English]
Frawardin Yasht (Hymn to the Guardian Angels) [Avestan | English]
Warharan Yasht [Avestan | English]
Ram Yasht [Avestan | English]
Den Yasht [Avestan | English]
Ard Yasht

[Avestan | English]

Ashtad Yasht [Avestan | English]
Zam Yasht (Hymn to the Earth) [Avestan | English]
Hom Yasht [Avestan | English]
Vanant Yasht (Hymn to the Star Vega) [Avestan | English]


   Sirozas (Dedications for the thirty days of the month):  
Siroza 1 [Avestan | English]
Siroza 2 [Avestan | English]


   Afrinagans (Prayers of blessing):  
Afrinagan-i Dahman [Avestan | English]
Afrinagan-i Gatha [Avestan | English]
Afrinagan-i Gahambar [Avestan | English]
Afrinagan-i Rapithwin [Avestan | English]









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