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Doa Tan-Dorostri (*Blessing)



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-  Khordeh Avesta
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ba nm i azad i baxshyadeh i baxshyashgar i meherbn.

ath ah vairy...(2).

tan-darst dr-zvashn wyat hvareh hagat ashahdr azdn i mnyn azdn i gethyn haft amshspadn myazd rshan ham b-rast.

n dyn bt, n hvahyn bt, hame adar kasn ra zartsht dn sht bt, dn bt. br hvad hvad-vad i lam r ham hajaman r


((Insert title:) Behdin/Ervad/Osta/Osti N.-r) b farzadn hazr sl dr b-dr u shat b-dr u tan-darost b-dr u dn b dr bar sar i arznyn slh i bsyr u karanh i bshumr bk u pyade dr sat hazrn hazr frn bt.

sl hvacasta bt. rz farrohv bt mh mubrak bt. cadin sl cadin rz cadin mh

bsyr sl arzndr azashne u nyishne u rd u zr barashne ashahdr awar ham kr u kerfeh tan-darst bt nk bt h'ub bt.

dn bt. dntarac bt. pa azdn u ameshspadn kme bt.

ashem voh...

In the name of God, the bestower, the giver, the benevolent!

ath ah vairy...(2).

May there be health and long life, complete Glory giving righteousness! May the visible yazads and the invisible yazads and the seven Amashaspands come to this fair offering.

May this household be happy, may there be blessing! May there be happiness among the people of the religion of Zartosht! We beseech you, Lord, to grant to the present ruler, to all the community, and to all those of the Good Religion, health and fair repute.

May so-and-so, [and his wife (or, her husband), and children] live for a thousand years! Keep them long happy, long healthy, long just! Keep them thus, keep them caring for the deserving! Keep them living and abiding for many years and countless hours! A hundred thousand thousand blessings upon them!

May the year be auspicious, the day fortunate, the month propitious in all these years and days and months!

For many years keep them worthy to perform worship and utter prayers, to give charity and offerings, being just. May they have health to fulfill all their duties! May they be liberal, kind and good!

May it be so, may it be more so, may it be according to the wish of the Yazads and the Ameshaspands!

ashem voh...









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