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Kem Na Mazda (*Exorcism)



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km-n mazd mavait pym dad hyat m dregv ddareshat anangh anym thwahmt thrasc mananghasc ay shyaothanish ashem thraosht ahur tm mi dstvm danayi frvaoc,


What protector hast thou given unto me, O Mazda! while the hate of the wicked encompasses me? Whom but thy Atar and Vohu-mano, through whose work I keep on the world of righteousness? Reveal therefore to me thy Religion as thy rule!

Ke verethrem-ja:

k verethrem-j thw pi sgh i het cithr mi dm ahmbish ratm cizhd at hi voh seraosh jat manangh mazd ahmi ahmi vash kahmict.



Ke verethrem-ja:

Who is the victorious who will protect thy teaching? Make it clear that I am the guide for both worlds. May Sraosha come with Vohu-mano and help whomsoever thou pleasest, O Mazda!


pta-n tbishyatat pairi mazdsca rmaitishca spetasca, nase dav druxsh nase dav-cithre nase dav-frakarshte nase dav-fraditi, apa druxsh nase apa druxsh dvra apa druxsh vnase apxedhre apa-nasyehe m merecainsh gath astvaitsh ashahe, nemasc rmaitish zhc. ashem voh....

Keep us from our hater, O Mazda and Armaiti Spenta! Perish, O fiendish Druj! Perish, O brood of the fiend! Perish, O creation of the fiend! Perish, O world of the fiend! Perish away, O Druj! Rush away, O Druj! Perish away, O Druj! Perish away to the regions of the north, never more to give unto death the living world of Righteousness!"
Homage, with which (are combined) devotion and milk offerings









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