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Nam Stayishn Niyayesh



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1. xshnaothra ahurahe mazd,
ashem voh....
pa nm i azad i baxshyadh i baxshyashgar i meherbn,
nm setyashne i hrmazd ham bt u ham hast u ham bt.
nm i azad i spin-mn adar-ac mnyn mn awash hvt-ash ak nm hrmazd-ac hvdy mahst u tavn u dn u ddr u parvartr u pn u hvvar u kerfehgar u awaxshdr u awizhe vh-dtastn u hamzr!


1. With propitiation of Ahura Mazda. Ashem Vohu....
Praise be to the name of Him Who always was, always is and always will be. (He is), by name, the Yazad Spena Menoi. Even among the spiritual (yazads). He is Menoi (i.e. an invisible spirit). One of His own names is also Ohrmazd. (He is) the greatest Lord, powerful and wise, creator, nourisher, protector, compassionate, virtuous, forgiver, pure, a good dispenser of justice and all powerful.
2. sips i vazrg stkn ke frt avant u pa-hvsh anhambatk zr u dn awartar shash amshspadn avad vh azdn u rshan vahsht u garthmn u girt i smn u gar i tw u mh i bm u star i vash-txme u vt u adar-ve u w u tash u zamn u urvar u gspad u ayxshast u mardm.
  2. Thanks be to that Great Architect who, with His own unrivaled strength and wisdom, created the sublime world, the six Amahraspands of higher rank, many wonderful Yazads, the bright paradise Garothman, the revolution of the sky, the shining sun, the brilliant moon, stars of different germs, the wind, atmosphere, water, fire, the earth, trees, beneficent cattle, the metals and mankind.
3. azashn u nyyashn ezh i hvd kerfehgar ke mh kart ezh har geth dahishnn mardm pa gavk mdn dt u sheharyr i hagm u rndr i dmn pa raxma u ayzishn u parre i devn.
  3. Adoration and praise be to the righteous Lord Who made man the greatest of all earthly creatures and through (the gift of) speech and the power of reasoning, created them for the sovereignty of the times and for the management of the creatures through the contest in battles against the daevas.
4. namz i vspa-gh ash-hvwar ksh frstt asht-frhar i zartsht i spitamn ashti dmn dn dnashn u varishn i sna-hvirad u gush-srt- hvirad dny i rndr i vspa hastn u bdn u bdn frahagn frahag mthra-speta ku bt ravn pl buxtr i ezh duzhax u vadrdr i n i pahalm axn i ashn rshan hubi i ham-hvr.   4. Homage to the Omniscient One, to him who is compassionate, who, through Zartosht Spitaman of holy farohar, sent for the creatures the apostleship (of religion), the knowledge of and the trustworthiness with regard to, the Religion, innate wisdom and wisdom acquired through the ears, and the instruction of, and guidance for all who are, were, and will be, and the science of sciences, viz., the bountiful Manthra, so that the soul at the Chinwad bridge may be released from hell, and may cause them to pass over the Best Existence of the holy, the bright sweet-smelling, and all-beneficent.
5. pa framn i t hvwar padram u mnam u gyam u varzam dn i awzhe u astavn-hm pa har kerfeh u awxsham ezh vsp baje u awzhe dram h'dash snde kunashne u parhzashnei pk shash zrn i jn manashne gavashne u kunashne u vr u hsh u hvirad.
  5. In obedience to your command, o compassionate one, I accept your pure religion, and think, speak, and practice (in accordance with it). I am steadfast on every meritorious deed and desist from all sins. I keep pure my own personal conduct and completely preserve the six powers of life, viz., first, thought, second, word, third, deed, and again fourth, reasoning, fifth, memory, and sixth, intellect.
6. pa km i t kerfehgar tavn smnh kunam n i t parastashne pa vh-manashne vh-gavashne vh-kunashne ku vashyam rh i rshan ku m na rasad grn pazdi rzhax u vadram pa cayn-vadarg u rasam n mn i vahsht i pr-bi harvasp-psde u ham-hvr.   6. O righteous one, according to your will, I shall accomplish to the extent of (my) power, your worship with good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. I shall open (for myself) the brilliant way (of paradise) so that the grievous punishment of hell may not be inflicted on me. I shall pass over the Chinwad bridge and attain to the abode of paradise (which is) very fragrant, all-embroidered, and of all happiness.
7. setyashne i awaxshdr hvdy ke kme kerfeh ptadahishne kunad fremn- rindrn avadm-ac bjt darvadn-ac ezh dzhax u avzhagh vnret vspa dm.   7. Praise be to the merciful Lord who bestows rewards for meritorious deeds on those who obey his commands according to his will, and at last will liberate even the wicked from (the torture of) hell and will embellish with purity the whole creation.
8. setishne i ddr hrmazd i harvasp-gh u tavn u tavagar, haft amshspad u bhrm azadi przgar dushman-zadr ama hutshte b rast.
ashem voh...(3).
  8. All praise to the creator Ohrmazd the omniscient, omnipotent, and powerful, and to the seven Amahraspands, to the victorious Yazad Warharan, the vanquisher of foes, and to the well-shapen (Yazad) Ama (strength). (May all these) come (to my help).

[Dhabhar continues with:]

[May the glory of the pure and good religion of the Mazdayasnians be triumphant].

    9. Homage to these places and cities [these regions and districts], [know that they are not specially mentioned], pasture lands [i.e., stalls of cattle are so called], houses [i.e., dwellings], drinking places [i.e., fountains of water], to the waters, lands, and trees, to this earth and the yonder sky, and even to the holy wind, to the stars, the moon and the sun, and also to the self-sustained eternal lights, [know that the self-sustainedness is this that every one of them acts for itself] and to all creations of Spena Menoi, males and females, [especially] the lords of holiness.
Ashem Vohu...(3).


    Translation from Denkard, edited by Peshotun Dustoor Behramjee Sunjana, 1876 English translation by Ratanshah E. Kohiyar

1. (I) praise the name of that Minoyan mino, the increaser, worthy to be praised, who always was, always is, and always will be; whose one name is Ohrmazd, the God who is the greatest among all, wise, Creator, supporter, protector, endurer, the lord of righteousness, forgiver, and dispenser of excellent and pure justice.

2. Thanks be to the exalted Lord of the world, who, of his own power and wisdom, has created six Ameshaspands of high rank, numerous Yazads, the shining paradise, Garothman, the surrounding heavens, the hot sun, the shining moon, the numerous stars, the wind, the atmosphere, the fire, the water, the earth, the trees, the cattle, the metals, and mankind.

3. Adoration and prayers to the righteous Lord who, for the purpose of rule over people and to make people walk together to fight against the Devs, has bestowed upon man speech and the power to think, and (thus) made (him) superior to each created thing of this world.

4. (I) bow in the presence of the omniscient and caretaking Lord, who has sent, through Zartosht Spitaman of the adorable farohar, for the purpose rendering people friendly towards Him, the wisdom of the religion, worthy of faith through natural intelligence and knowledge of science -- wisdom that is the best for the guidance of all persons who are, were and will be. That is, that (through the wisdom of the religion) the soul is freed from the pains of hell, and reaches into the shining, fragrant, ever-happy, (and) the highest mansions of the pure.

5. O (thou) Lord Protector! in obedience to thy command I am firm in the pure religion and I promise to think and speak and do every righteousness. Forgive me Thou (my) many sins; (may) I keep my own conduct pure, and (may) I, in accordance with Thy wishes, righteous Lord, keeping uncontaminated the six powers of the soul -- work, speech, thought, reasoning, memory, and intellect -- (6) (and) in order to obtain the riches of the next world through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, worship Thee, that I may thus open (for myself the path to the shining paradise: that is that the heavy punishment of hell may not be inflicted upon me and I may, passing over the Chinwad bridge, reach into the fragrant all-adorned and eternally happy mansions of paradise.

7. (Praise be) to the Lord of gifts, who bestows upon those who obey his commandments the reward of righteous wishes and who will at the end liberate transgressors from hell and adorn the world with purity.









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