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Padyab-Kusti (*Ablution and Formula for tying the Kusti)



-  Yasna
-  Khordeh Avesta
-  Visperad
-  Vendidad
-  Fragments



- 101 NAMES



0. xshnaothr ahurahe mazd,
ashem voh....

km-n mazd ...

(hrmezd i hvade (3), harman awdishh dr awzh dshtr zat shkasta bt. harman dw drzh jdv darvad kk karaf sstr gunhkr shmg darvad dushman fary zat shkasta bt. dushpdishh awdishh bt, dushman stuh bt, dushman awdishh bt.
hrmezd i hvade, ezh ham gunh patit pashmnm, ezh haravistn dushmat duzhxt duzhvaresht men pa gth mint vaem guft vaem kard vaem jast vaem bun bt estet ezh gunhih manishn gaweshn kunishn tan rvn gth mainyun xe awaxsh pashm pa se gaweshn pa patit hm!)


0. With satisfaction for Ahura Mazda. Ashem Vohu....

What protector hast thou given ...

Ohrmazd is Lord! Ahriman he keeps at bay, he holds him back. May Ahriman be struck and defeated, with devs and drujs, sorcerers and sinners, kayags and karbs, tyrants, wrongdoers and heretics, sinners, enemies and witches! May they (all) be struck and defeated! May evil rulers not exist, (or) be far away! May enemies be defeated! May enemies all not exist, (or) be far away!
O Ohrmazd, Lord! I am contrite for all sins and I desist from them, from all bad thoughts, bad words and bad acts which I have thought, spoken or done in the world, or which have happened through me, or have originated with me. For those sins of thinking, speaking and acting, of body and soul, worldly or spiritual, O Ohrmazd! I am contrite, I renounce them. With three words I distance myself (from them).


1. xshnaothr ahurahe mazd taridti angrahe mainyush, haithyvarshtm hyat vasn ferashtemem. staomi ashem,
ashem voh....
ath ah vairy...(2).
ashem voh....




1. With satisfaction for Ahura Mazda, scorn for Angra Mainyu! The true achievement of what is most wonderful, according to wish!
I praise Asha!
Ashem Vohu....
Yatha Ahu Vairyo...(2).
Ashem Vohu....

2. jasa-m avanghe mazda (3).
mazdayasn ahm mazdayasn zarathushtrish fravarn sttasc fravaretasc, stuy humatem man stuy hxtem vac stuy hvarshtem shyaothanem. stuy danm [vanguhm] mzdayasnm fraspyaoxedhrm nidhsnaithishem hvatvadathm ashaonm hitinmc bshyeitinmc mazishtc vahishtc srashtc hirish zarathushtrish, ahuri mazdi vsp voh cinahm. ash ast danay mzdayasnish stitish!!
ashem voh...!!

  2. Come to my aid, O Mazda (3).

I profess myself a Mazda-worshipper, a Zoroastrian, having vowed it and professed it. I pledge myself to the well-thought thought, I pledge myself to the well-spoken word, I pledge myself to the well-done action.

I pledge myself to the Mazdayasnian religion, which causes the attack to be put off and weapons put down; which upholds khvaetvadatha (kin-marriage), which possesses Asha; which of all religions that exist or shall be, is the greatest, the best, and the most beautiful: Ahuric, Zoroastrian. I ascribe all good to Ahura Mazda. This is the creed of the Mazdayasnian religion.

Ashem Vohu...!!









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